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Nearly every customer complains that these  creams Regenes Lift didn’t work as advertised (some even experienced severe side effects), came with extraordinarily high prices, and they had problems with customer service. Some even had to cancel their credit cards to stop the recurring charges.Will you experience the same with  ? In our opinion, it’s fairly likely.Where does all of this leave you?You’re smart, so you probably already figured out the answer to this question. But to briefly recap, we know that   uses many of the same selling tactics as other less-than-stellar products within the industry, and that these generally come with very low customer satisfaction ratings.We also know that retinol (perhaps one of the ingredients in  ) may help fight the signs of aging, but we have no idea how much is contained in the anti-aging cream, and whether or not this is enough to be effective.Take together? We think your money would be better spent on an appointment with your dermatologist instead of ordering  In the mean time, you can help prevent additional premature aging by avoiding UV exposure (and wearing the right sunscreen), eating healthy and getting plenty of exercise, quitting smoking, limiting alcohol consumptions, and more!I purchased the   and the VitaLuminance and never received either. The tracking number I was given was invalid. I went to UPS store with my email of the tracing number and it was not a good number. I guess if they take $4.99 for enough of the products, they will become millionaires.This product is mediocre. It does not give an ingredient list online, but I thought it may be worth a shot to see if it was somewhat natural. I thought I was only losing 6.95 shipping.Product full of preservatives and fillers. Did try for a week and saw no miraculous change or difference at all. Thought that was the end of it.